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The Associated Colleges of Central Kansas is established:
1)  To be a voluntary association of church-related colleges in close geographical proximity that represents value-oriented, independent higher education;
2)  To benefit each institution through cooperation that provides economy and enrichment of academic programs, yet preserves individual identity through the unique emphasis of each institution;
3)  To encourage international and intercultural programming, thereby expanding the educational  opportunities available to the members of each college community;
4)  To enhance collegiality among disciplines and administrative offices and the quality of the academic offerings; and
5)  To provide technical assistance of a range and level of sophistication not possible as six separate institutions.
The Associated Colleges of Central Kansas is maintained to:
1)  provide facilities and services for advancement of higher education;
2)  advance interests and effectiveness of members;
3)  improve efficiency of operations for members;
4)  develop additional sources of revenue;
5)  maximize the advantages of geographic proximity; and
6)  promote collegiality.