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After completing a plan of study at your home campus, make an advisement appointment with a Special Education Advisor at ACCK.  Bring a copy of your home campus plan of study to your appointment.
POST B.A./B.S. DEGREE - Make an advisement appointment with a Special Education Advisor at ACCK.  Bring a copy of all college transcripts.
Contact Information:
Dr. Bev Schottler,,   620-241-5150
Nellie Graber, Ed.S.,,   620-241-5150
Advisement Forms - see Forms and Documents page.
  • Enroll in Special Education courses through one of the 6 member colleges. (Students cannot enroll directly through ACCK.)
ACCK Colleges:  
Bethany College (Lindsborg, KS)
Bethel College (North Newton, KS)
Kansas Wesleyan University (Salina, KS)
McPherson College (McPherson, KS)
Sterling College (Sterling, KS)
Tabor College (Hillsboro, KS)
Campus contact information is located on the "Home" tab at the top of the screen. 

First - You must be accepted into the Teacher Education Program at home college.
In order to be eligible for acceptance into the adaptive special education program, students must be admitted into their home college teacher education program.
Post BA/BS students should contact the chair of the education department in which they are enrolled for instructions.
Second - Apply for acceptance into ACCK's Adaptive Special Education Program.
Deadline for Application for Admission is the 1st Friday in January prior to any scheduled clinical or internship.
Criteria for student acceptance into the adaptive special education program are:
1.   Admitted into home college Teacher Education Program.
2.   Earned GPA of 2.5 or above, as determined by home college.
3.   Demonstrated satisfactory progress in special education program as indicated by ACCK Special Education evaluation forms and field-based course evaluation forms. 
Clinical and Internship Placement
Application for clinical or internship is made in the semester prior to the planned clinical or internship.
Application Deadline:   
         Spring Placement - 3rd Friday of October
         Fall Placement - 2nd Friday of March

Field Experience Requirements
ACCK's Adaptive Special Education program includes field experience in the following courses: 
      SPED 310:   Foundations for Special Education Services
      SPED 315:   General Methods for Special Services
      SPED 331:   Grades K-6 Field Experience
      SPED 371:   Grades 6-12 Field Experience
      SPED 431, 433, 471 & 473:   Clinical Experiences and Internships
In addition to the academic requirements, most courses require 15-20 field experience hours per semester in a special education classroom.
All field placements require application in the semester prior to placement.
      Spring Placement - 3rd Friday of October
      Fall Placement - 2nd Friday of March
Documents required for all field placements:
1.   Proof of a negative TB test within the past 3 years.  (Check with your placement site to make sure they do not require a more current test.) 
2.   Proof of $1,000,000 professional liability insurance. 
3.   Signed Felony Statement. 

Content Test (PRAXIS II)
To receive an endorsement in special education, students MUST complete the special education content area test (PRAXIS II):
   0543     Special Education Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications

KSDE Adaptive Special Education Endorsement
Upon successful completion of all coursework, you will be eligible to apply to the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) for adaptive special education endorsement.
Contact the licensure officer at your home college for application process and fee.